The Langham Huntington, Pasadena - Now Open

As the heart of the community, all of us at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena are dedicated to the safety and well-being of our colleagues, guests and the city. Our leadership team has developed a set of protocols currently being adopted throughout the hotel. The purpose of the guest, colleague and departmental protocols outlined in this document is to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Langham Huntington, Pasadena will be in alignment with the required state and city practices. As of the updated City of Pasadena mandate dated July 21, 2021, please note that all hotel guests, visitors and colleagues must wear a face covering in any indoor public area of the hotel, regardless of vaccination status.

We are proud to be Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED® with Forbes Travel Guide for meeting global health security standards. The assessment covers health and hygiene protocols, cleaning products and procedures, masks and PPE, ventilation, management accountability and health safety communication with our guests and employees. Click here to learn more about this verification.

We continue to monitor government (federal, state and local) policy changes, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and public health department recommendations. Due to changing conditions, this document—as well as departmental Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)—will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. Comprehensive SOPs are consistently updated for departments with varying intricacies. If you require additional details regarding a specific area, please let us know.

Our leadership team in partnership with Human Resources will continue to hold ongoing training sessions with all colleagues, while our departmental managers will provide front-of-house and heart-of-house colleagues with training updates in daily pre-shift meetings. 

Download the below Post-COVID protocols via link here; please also view our Committment to Safety and Well-Being.


Post-COVID Protocols




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All guests, visitors and colleagues must wear a face covering in any indoor public area of the hotel, regardless of vaccination status.



Free-standing hand sanitzers are placed in high-traffic public areas of the hotel so guests may use them at their convenience. Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the heart-of-house as well as in each department.


High-touch areas throughout the front-of-house and heart-of-house will be cleaned on an hourly basis with verification via a checklist. Front-of-house high touch areas include, but are not limited to, the hotel entrance/exit, door handles, elevator buttons, bell carts, counters, table tops, public area furniture, meeting room doors, lounge areas, restrooms, host stand, dining outlets, telephones, card swipes, room keys, and pens.


Front-of-house signage advising guests of hygiene recommendations, sanitation guidelines and proper use of PPE will be visible throughout the hotel. The heart-of-house currently has signage regarding hand sanitation, PPE usage and timely information regarding relevant COVID-19 protocols.


The Langham Huntington, Pasadena works with Ecolab who provides cleaning products that meet FDA and EPA approval. These products are approved for use against viruses and bacteria—effectively killing 99.9% of such germs. The Langham Huntington, Pasadena uses an Electrostatic Sprayer to disinfect guest rooms and public areas each day, and meeting rooms after each use.

6. PPE

Personal protective equipment such as face masks and shields, gowns and gloves have been purchased and will be used by pertinent departments (front services, culinary, banquets, stewarding, housekeeping and engineering) in the hotel. SOPs are being updated on an ongoing basis to be in alignment with changing federal and local health and governmental guidelines.


All public areas and function spaces have 100% air make-up and all other areas have a fresh air make-up that meets or exceeds the industry standard.


Colleagues have been encouraged to perform self-care at home and to remain at home if have any symptoms. Departmental managers and division heads monitor the visible health of colleagues during daily line-ups and advise human resources if action needs to be taken. In the event a colleague becomes ill, they will be advised to seek medical attention and asked to leave the hotel to self-isolate. If a colleague tests positive for COVID-19, public health protocols will apply prior to returning to work. 


The Leadership Team, in partnership with Human Resources, provides colleagues with instruction in handwashing techniques, the proper way to put on/take off/dispose of PPE, sanitizing high touch areas, etc. This information is reiterated by departmental supervisors and managers in daily pre-shift meetings. Third party vendors provide user training for specialized materials and equipment such as disinfectants and hand sanitizers. The Directors of Housekeeping and Engineering monitor use daily to ensure proper protocols are followed.


Hotel Arrival

Upon a guest’s arrival at the hotel, the valet will open the vehicle door, remove the luggage from the car and escort the arriving guest through the hotel entrance. The valet will practice frequent handwashing after each guest interaction. 

The Langham Club

The Langham Club is currently closed.


A room sanitizing kit will be available, upon request, in housekeeping, for guests who prefer that no one enter their room during their hotel stay. Reusable collateral and magazine publications will be removed from guestrooms. Pertinent materials contained in the hotel compendium (i.e. menus) will be available in a digital format.


Linens will be bagged and deposited in the laundry bin in the secured heart-of-house elevator landing, and a housekeeping attendant will clean the room. Once the room has been cleaned and inspected, the room will be sanitized using an Electrostatic Sprayer which eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria and germs. If the hotel learns a guestroom was occupied by someone who tested positive for COVID-19, the room will be placed out of service until the case has been confirmed or cleared. Upon such confirmation, the room will be sanitized.

Dining Outlets

Hosts and managers will manage physical distancing if guests are unable to be seated upon arrival. Restaurant table and lounge configurations have been adjusted for proper social distancing between parties. Please note reservations for The Terrace Restaurant are encouraged. 

Private Kitchen

Guests will have the option of contactless delivery where the trolley will be placed just outside the guestroom, or traditional in-room service by a Private Kitchen server. Guests will be advised to place their trolley in the hallway, at the conclusion of their meal, and contact Private Kitchen for trolley removal.

Chuan Spa & Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is open daily from 7:00am - 8:00pm. Chuan Spa is currently open for treatments by appointment only Thursdays - Sundays. 

Swimming Pool

The hotel pool is strictly reserved only for registered hotel guests at this time. When arriving at the pool you will check in with our pool ambassador. This colleague will identify a space for your group on the pool deck. Space may be limited.  We will be offering alternate seating on our terraces to maximize our seating capabilities. We ask that you respect social distancing while outside on the pool deck as well as inside the water. Our hotel swimming pool chemicals are monitored and balanced thorough the day and maintained at appropriate recommended levels.

Catering and Banquets

Banquet servers will wear gloves as they set the individual settings. The gloves will be disposed of upon completion of the meeting room set-up to avoid cross-contamination. Each setting will include hand sanitizing wipes, individually wrapped mints and a pen. Individually-plated food and beverage items will be encouraged. Traditional buffets and self-serve style events will be re-engineered to allow for banquet servers to individually serve guests. Attendees will not be allowed to serve themselves. The ability to have buffet and self-service style events will be in alignment with local guidelines and will incorporate physical distancing guidelines and revised event capacities. A variety of pre-packaged items will be available.

Sales and Conference Services

Site inspections are available by appointment only.

Business Services/Center

The business center area will be sanitized regularly. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available in all business service locations. Print publications such as magazines and newspapers will not be available in the hotel; however, guests will have complimentary access to PressReader.


Colleagues continue to be reminded of protocols in pre-shift meetings and ongoing training sessions. High traffic and high touch areas such as locker rooms, the employee dining/break room, restrooms, offices, kitchens and equipment will be sanitized on an hourly basis. The person who conducts these cleainings will initial a checklist to confirm completion of these tasks. At the start and conclusion of each shift, work stations, keyboards, telephones, writing utensils and desk equipment will be sanitized. Shared equipment will be santized each time it is transferred to another colleague for use.


Following is an overview of cleaning and sanitizing protocols adopted by key departments and divisions within the hotel.

Front Office

  • Guest touchpoints will be sanitized at the conclusion of each guest interaction
  • Room keys will be sanitized upon receipt and prior to distribution
  • Offices and registration desks will be deep-cleaned and sanitized prior to each shift change
  • Keyboards, telephones, card readers and office supplies will be sanitized at the beginning of each shift
  • Guests will be encouraged to use express checkout


  • Carts, trolleys, vacuum cleaners and equipment will be sanitized at the start and end of each shift
  • Heart-of-house restrooms will be sanitized in accordance with a pre-determined cleaning schedule
  • Heart-of-house locker rooms will be sanitized according to a pre-determined cleaning schedule
  • Detailed attention will be given to the following guestroom areas:
    • Bathroom, vanities, cabinets, hardware, fixtures, mirrors
    • Desks, telephones, remote controls
    • Tabletops, furniture, minibar
    • Thermostats, light controls and switches
    • Extra pillows and blankets will be available through housekeeping, upon request
    • Bed linens will be changed on a daily basis, unless a guest expresses an alternate desire
    • An Electrostatic Sprayer will be used daily to sanitize the guestroom

Food and Beverage - Dining Outlets & Private Kitchen

  • Host podium and applicable equipment will be sanitized on an hourly basis
  • Service stations, service/beverage carts will be sanitized on an hourly basis
  • Table tops, bar counters, stools and chairs will be sanitized after each use
  • Check presenters, condiments, votives, pens, floral vases and other reusable items will be sanitized after each use, if single-use is not an option
  • Traditional menus will be offered digitally. Single-use menus will be available upon request
  • Trays and tray stands will be sanitized after each use
  • Food preparation stations will be sanitized at least once each hour
  • Kitchens will be deep cleaned and sanitized after each shift

Catering and banquets

  • All equipment will be sanitized prior to shift start
  • Colleagues assigned to individual work stations will sanitize their stations and equipment at least once per hour and at the end of each shift
  • A housekeeping attendant will sanitize doors, handles and high contact surfaces at least once per hour
  • Shared equipment and meeting amenities will be sanitized before and after each use
  • If item is unable to be sanitized, it will be a single-use item
  • Linens and underlays will be replaced after each use
  • Clean and soiled linens will be transported in single-use plastic bags into and out of meeting rooms
  • Clients will be encouraged to select pre-plated food and beverage options
  • Traditional buffets and self-service offerings will be re-engineered and introduced based on local guidelines
  • An Electromagnetic Sprayer will be used to sanitize meeting and event spaces


Federal and local health and wellness guidelines continue to evolve as additional information becomes available. The Langham Huntington, Pasadena will continue to revise this document as updated information is received. If you have questions or require additional information, please let us know, so we can provide you with the details you require. The Langham Huntington, Pasadena continues to be committed to the health, wellness and safety of our colleagues and guests and looks forward to providing our guests with a memorable experience